I hope everyone had a lovely day. Mine was quite nice, we went to the movies (I'm sorry to say that The Day the Earth Stood Still and Spirit were rather disappointing.) And then we came back and I cooked us a ham dinner. This was the latest I've ever eaten on Christmas! Maybe I'll have another Sheppard dream. *g*

The gluten free apple pie was pretty good. I'm thinking of a few additions that could make it better for the next time (including the xanthan gum I left out :P) But in all, it was rather satisfying and hubby even liked it. Which I think is a good indicator if the non-allergy person can enjoy what is basically a compromise for the real thing. And it wasn't too much of a PITA to roll out, I just sandwiched it between sheets of Saran Wrap.

I had a nice long chat with Mom this morning, so who knows, maybe I actually spent more time talking with her on the phone than if we would have gone to my cousin and her partner's house for Christmas dinner. I think this may be the first big holiday gathering that they've hosted. I wish I could have been there. Maybe next year. I will be visting family next month, so I have that to look forward to. And in the nicest present category, my sister gave my mother round trip tickets to San Antonio to visit my aunt. She (the aunt) has suffered a few strokes and isn't quite the same person she was, so it's good that Mom will be able to spend some time with her. They used to always be the closest sisters.

Anyway, the day is nearly done and I have You Tube postings of the new Doctor Who episode to look for, so best wishes and happy holidays everyone!
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( Dec. 25th, 2008 12:21 am)
I've opened the traditional (for us) midnight present. A lovely piece of cut crystal from our friend Andy. I also have a pie cooling on the counter. It smells wonderful, but sadly has a crumbly crust because someone (OK, me) forgot the xanthan gum. *sigh* I may give myself permission to bake another pie in the morning, this time using the amaranth flour. I think I will have more success with it. Or perhaps make cookies. I've been dying for cookies all week, seeing all the yummies being brought into the breakroom that I can't touch.

I dreamed I was making out with John Sheppard last night. Seriously, there was running and I think I had zombies confused with wraith. They were like zombie/wraith and very very annoying. Because there we were, smooching up a storm, water crashing all around us and I could feel his arms holding me close, it was very nice and then he was dragging me up; "c'mon we gotta run, they're after us." I'm sputtering and holding back and wanting to pull him back down, because making out with John Sheppard is a heck of a lot more fun than running away from zombie/wraith who want to eat us. And then I woke up.

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday season. *hugs flist all up*
So far the foods I know I have reactions to are wheat products and now, peanuts! Take away my chocolate and there will be hell to pay! *shakes fist*

Seriously, though. Having kept away from wheat in all forms for a week now, I can determine reactions (from other foods) a whole lot more easily. Today I ate some peanuts and within five minutes I could feel the same symptoms as when I eat wheat. And when I got up to go back to work, there was pain. So, yes, further evidence that food allergies=pain for me. Yay! :P

Still, it's another step in my quest to live a pain free life. :)
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( Aug. 7th, 2008 10:53 pm)
It's amazing how great I feel after just a few days of the new regimen. No wheat, in any form, thank you. The calcium pills and the cod liver oil pills are really doing the trick, I kid you not. I have just the one, stubborn spot on my knee that still feels acute. But, come on, it's just been a few days! I'm clear-headed. I have to actually remind myself to take my meds. If things go according to plan, I can finish the bottle of Celebrex and just switch to taking the occasional ibuprofen.

Oh and my knees? Already they look less swollen. I can bend them! Two days. Unfreakingbelievable! *boogies*
I've had swelling and joint pain that has persisted, despite a big reduction in my consumption of wheat (and turning more and more to a gluten free life). Any one who has read my entries knows, though, that I am a weak weak woman and will find any number ways to justify why I should have a bowl of spaghetti or a piece of fried chicken. *sigh*

Anyway, I've been trying to reduce my dependence on Mucinex (sadly, my main motivation has been cost) and I figure one way to aid in that, is to get more serious about controlling my diet. I have, actually, gone days without eating any form of wheat, but I still have the joint pain. Of course the reason for that is that it can take upwards of two weeks for symptoms to be alleviated. This gives me real pause. Think of it, 2 weeks to get over eating a simple slice of pizza. That just boggles my mind, it also brings home just how serious a problem I have.

As I researched the connection between NSAIDs, wheat allergy and joint pain, I've discovered that I actually should not be taking NSAIDs. I've already got a problem with possible gut and intestinal damage arising from the wheat allergy. NSAIDs can cause intestinal damage, therefore I should not be taking ibuprofen, or Celebrex. This just boggles my mind because I have been routinely taking this stuff for years. http://www.arthritis.ca/toolbox/ask%20an%20expert/browse2/default.asp?s=1&page=6

Looking around, I've decided to try a few things to replace the Celebrex; cod liver oil (they make it in pill form, thank god) and to check out glutamine.

I may need to consider getting rid of coffee (SOB!) I think it makes me anxious and possibly even depressed. In the meantime, I'll start adding decaff to what I grind for a pot, perhaps that'll reduce the anxiousness, ect.

I'm becoming more convinced that my problem is more a wheat allergy, than outright celiac disease. However, both problems have many of the same symptoms in common, so I might as well go gluten free. Something that makes me consider that I have a wheat allergy is learning that cosmetics often have hydrolyzed wheat protein and one of the reasons I stopped wearing makeup is that I'd get itchy and gummy eyes. Also, I never paid close attention to this before, but I do end up with slightly itchy hands after baking. I usually put on hand lotion and the itching goes away.

I don't want to end up crippled from arthritis (who does?) and if my causes are dietary, my god, what have I been doing to myself? It makes sense, though. Because I do take the Celebrex and I still have pain. And I have noticed (vaguely, because I'm the queen of denial) that my left hip joint and my knees will act up, sometimes, after eating.

So. Food log? Keeping track of how I feel after I eat? Caveman diet? I think so. :P

I think I should answer a question in advance. I have not been to an allergy doctor. Money is very tight these days and my insurance doesn't cover the allergy tests. So, I'm doing this all on my own.


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