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( Apr. 14th, 2017 11:35 am)
I read the email from the Dreamwidth admin Denise today, regarding LiveJournal. Looks like I'll need import my content and cut lj loose. End of an era...
I'm still roleplaying. I'm part of a group on Twitter playing an Angel Dean Winchester. He used to be part of a Destiel pairing, but that ended some time ago.

Supernatural is my main fandom these days. While I still think the boys are best together, I'm cool with Cas and Crowley and Mary coming back. Drop a line some tome
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( Oct. 15th, 2016 02:23 pm)
Looks like several from the old days still actively use this site. *waves madly*
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( Dec. 3rd, 2010 12:27 am)
I have a cold, I'm on my period and my kitchen sink overflowed all over my kitchen floor and dinning room carpeting. At one point there were 6, count em SIX fans in less than 10 square feet. And I can't sleep more than a few hours at a time because my brain will not stop!

So, imagine my glee when I found this:

Sometimes one really just needs a Doctor.
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( Nov. 28th, 2010 10:46 pm)
OK, technically I have had this watch since I was 18, but for several years it's not worked. It's an old Timex wind up that was old when I got it. I believe a friend pointed it out to me in an antique shop (they call them thrift stores now, but those days antique stores had old shoes, ect.) And I either paid $5 or $10, I know someone tried to talk me out of it, since it was so beat up, bit I didn't care, I loved it! It has a biggish watch face with several nicks from all the abuse I've given it. It's not pretty, but I don't care. I think it might actually be the first personal item I bought away from home, or the first thing of significance to me.

I look at the watch and I'm eighteen again. Shy and probably a bit snobby in my nerdishness. And yes, nerds can be snobs. If you refer to non-nerds as "mundanes" then you've earned the right to consider yourself a snob. I remember not wanting to be ordinary, yet not weird. I wanted to be left alone and yet be unique. I was going to set the world on fire with my art because I was SPECIAL, yet I wasn't sure just how that was going to be accomplished. In other words, I was a kid. LOL

Anyway, I had pried off the back of the watch and seen that the movement would actually go if I turned the pin the other way, so I thought it might be overwound. I put the back on and sighed, figuring it was a lost cause. Still, I pointed it out to hubby who, after a few moments, thought it probably needed lubricating since all mechanical things need oil to work. Jeez, not even the watch repair man I showed it to sometime back in the nineties thought of that! Sure enough, he oiled the thing, coaxed the movement by wiggling it a bit and bing! It was going again. It was keeping perfect time right from the start, but now it's starting to speed up. He thinks it's likely because it was wound tight for such a long time. Whatever the case, it's working and I'm all :DDD
Doctor Who will be shown on Christmas. Mind, I will be out of town visiting my Mom, but still, if I get to her DVR in time, I can watch it Christmas night, just like all my British flist. We can all Who out together! *snoopy dance*

BTW, American Top Gear just has to be stopped. Seriously, it's like an American Doctor Who. Does not work! These guys aren't fun or funny.

Deathly Hallows was fantastic. I remember thinking (while I was reading it the first time) that the story would really benefit from being filmed. Good directing and the kids have really grown as actors. Love Ron. LOVE Malfoy.
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( Nov. 25th, 2010 10:23 pm)
I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Hubby and I spent the day together, I even enlisted his aid with the preparations. *g* I don't know what happened, but my turkey took until 1:30 and I put it in at 7 in the morning. Grr! We didn't eat until 4:30 since the dressing doesn't get cooked until I get the drippings from the turkey. I think I'm going to get a thermometer for the oven so I can see if the temp is running true.

I was running pretty low energy up until the time I needed to start prep and then it was; "OK, what's next?" I think I just needed a push to get going. I didn't do my crazed chipmunk routine this year, though. We had pumpkin pies (1 regular and 1 gluten free) and no apple pie or fudge. Yeah, that's right, I usually go a little overboard. LOL

I was very pleased with my pumpkin pie. I seriously was not in the mood to mix up a gluten free crust. They're expensive and difficult to work with. I was originally thinking I might go crustless, then I had a brainstorm. I took 4 GF "graham" crackers, a handful each of hazelnut meal and brown sugar, a little butter (I think 2 TB) and smooshed it all up in a baggie, then spread it along the bottom of the pie pan, kind of like a reverse crumble pie. OMG, so freaking good! It didn't taste GF, it tasted like something that was purposely supposed to have a lovely nutty crust. Hubby suggested I try it with a cheesecake next time. Oh yeah!

Tonight I broke the trend of no evening snacks as a treat to myself for being so good. It'll be back to normal tomorrow. But I did enjoy myself today, even though I was boggled that I couldn't finish my plate of food at the meal. Seriously, I actually threw away mashed potatoes and corn. That has never happened before.

Back to work tomorrow, black Friday at B&N, oh wow! It's going to be nuts, for sure.
Every night for nearly a week, I have refrained from eating after 8PM. Although I do allow unsweetened herbal tea. Last night was rough, I wanted something, a sandwich, cookies, just something. But I made it to bed w/o extra food and my reward was finding out that a pair of my jeans are now falling off of me and I'm wearing the shorts I couldn't get into this summer (no elastic waist, lol.) WTF, this is SIX, just SIX nights. For crying out loud, what the heck was I eating?!! Or maybe it's just that food at night is just really that bad, you won't be doing anything so terribly strenuous that could work it off, for the most part. Still, into a different pant size in 6 days? That's just mind boggling.
Been awhile, I know, just haven't been chatty. What can I say? I go through these cycles, annoying as I find them. Anyway, I have been caught up jewelry making. Like, time consuming, wallet snatching jewelry making. And, I suppose it's paying off, because after showing off the results of my first experiment in wire twisting, a friend asked me to make one for her. And then, just now, I was looking around in a jewelry store, thinking of dropping the layaway I have on file, when I got into a conversation with the owner who saw and liked the necklace I'm wearing and wants to talk to me about selling some at his store! Holy crap. I'm still learning things like technique and the funny thing is, this necklace was only the second thing I made.

It's big and clunky and (in his words) sort of looks like a dreamcatcher. So, I hope I can find more of this pendant. And then I need to get more of the natural stuff, this necklace has wood, shell and glass beads. Big jewelry is the stuff right now. Some of the things my friends have been the most enthusiastic about have beads about an inch in diameter. And the woman I'm doing the wire twisted necklace for, saw and liked this ginormous copper colored sparkly bead (it's stone, I just don't know what it's called) that I had made the focal point of a wire wrap copper ring.

I'm just so excited right now, I could burst. So, I guess I bead weaving project will have to be shelved for now until I can get actual money making projects finished. Ahhhh! So much fun!
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( Sep. 12th, 2010 01:39 am)
Let the slash begin! (again..)

In more mundane news, I went nuts in the bead store again. Jeez, I went in for seed beads and I spent $40! I even resisted the gorgeous bronzite stones. *whimper* I did put together some skull pendants I can either use as earrings or make necklaces for my bestest friend and me. I'm on a necklace kick. The husband doesn't get my current obsession with chunky over-sized necklaces. What can I say? I think they look cool. The bigger the better, sparklier and just oomph. These are the items that customers I wait on have noticed. One lady even asked if I was going to set up a booth at the Westport Art Fair this Fall. Hee! Love it, but I still have so much to learn. But what fun!

Mom loaned me "A Dog's Purpose." Oh man, this is a fast read, but if you've ever loved an animal it just grabs you by the heart, because you will relate. I could barely read the last page for all the sobbing. Now I miss all my pets all over again.
I have logged into DW, which I haven't done for months.

I'm annoyed with lj for the same reasons everyone as else. I will never cross-post to FB or Twitter. I will never give any of my flist reason to believe their journals are not safe.

And I have to get to work, so that's it, for now.
A few weeks ago I went bright red with my hair color, but my hairdresser fixed that mistake and now I'm platinum blond. I was worried at first, when he stripped the color and I my hair was as white as Lady Gaga's. Then he put in the color and while it's extremely light, as least I won't blond anyone. Still can't find the camera, but I did find a picture that's rather close to the color, although I wish I was as gorgeous!

The reason I decided to go back to blond was because that beautiful red had faded to a sad washed out pinkish carrot with glowing white roots. I don't know what possessed me, this is the reason I went blond in the first place! Goofy me.

My ham for tomorrow is bought and the Easter basket is filled. I don't have any M&Ms so I won't be able to stuff them into the Peeps and nuke them, but maybe it'll work if I try it will miniature Reeses and the Peeps. Worth a try, wouldn't you say? ;)

I have downloaded the Kindle software to my computer so I can compare it to the Nook for selling purposes. It's a pretty basic reader, but gets the job done. I think Kindle has more books, but they've been doing this longer so I think that can be expected. I think it's interesting that I sold a Nook to a woman who was already aware of the Nook freezing issue (happens to new Nooks sometimes) and she bought the Nook anyway. I guess there's something to be said about being able to walk into a store and asking for help directly from a human, as opposed to trying to deal with online tech support. And the unfreezing is an easy fix.

I tried to access the book section of iTunes last night, but it's only available to the iPad. I did buy their audio book of the month (Outlander by Diana Gabaldon) and attempted to slip past the system and try to DL the application anyway, but it just doesn't work. I think it's a mistake that only folks with the iPad can get digital books from itunes, but I bet that will change soon enough. After all, B&N and Amazon both have their digital libraries available to more than just their proprietary devices. I think that within the next year the publishers will all get in line and work together to make sure all the companies provide them with the profit margin they're wanting. Amazon really didn't do themselves any favors with the asinine stunt they pulled that everyone on the freaking planet seems to know about. All I can say is that it's worked to Nook's advantage. People really flock to check out the demo device. Sometimes with a Kindle right on the counter with them and they still buy the Nook. Not a bad idea, really, when you think about it. Two readers, two libraries, more choices.

For the first time in a very long time I have multiple books going that I'm actually reading. I'm on the second book of the trilogy by Jay Lake, a book on celiac disease, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, and Food Of The Gods by Jules Verne. And I've set down the romance novels. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with romances, but I have read them almost exclusively for years, with only the occasional fantasy thrown in. I like the idea of variety, makes me feel like I actually use my brain. *g*

I'm avoiding Who spoilers like mad, so I'm pretty much going; "la la la, I can't see you!" at any Who references, because I'd rather share the watching with hubby. It's only 2 weeks, so I should survive. Still, new Who! Yay!
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( Jul. 30th, 2009 11:34 pm)
Seriously. I needed to catch my bus and knew the power walking wouldn't do the trick, plus I was wearing sneakers, not Crocs, so I ran. Made sure I drew in huge lungsful of air, planted my feet carefully (because I'm a plump little thing, I am) and ran about a city block. Slowed down when I saw the bus wasn't near and walked the rest of the way, feeling pumped up and amazed because my ankles were fine, the bad right foot was no longer bad and the knee didn't even twinge.

Then, later on at work I decided to take the ankle support off. I went the rest of the day completely unsupported. I can't say there wasn't a prickle here and there, but man, I walked around unassisted by any tape or ace bandage. I'm not sure I can convey how much this means, but I'll try.

Just this Christmas I was using a cane to get around. I had horrible pain in my left knee and the heel spur in my right foot was excruciating. I was overusing the knee brace I had (but I didn't know this at the time.) I thought I was headed for disability and the idea of it just killed me. I don't mind being big, but I do mind not being able to get around/take care of myself. I'm not saying I jumped into gear and did something about the situation, but it did put me into the frame of mind to start to consider altering some things.

About a month back I realised that much of my problems stemmed from the knee brace. My calf muscle was withering and I was getting charlie horses all the time. So, I looked stuff up on the internet (we loves the internet, yes we does...) and figured out some PT was in order. I'd already started taping the heel spur, so that was healing, now I had to concentrate on that left leg, because it was so bad I feared I might snap my achilles tendon. That's right, overuse of the knee brace had caused an inflamed achilles tendon, not to mention the withered calf muscles. I'll put it like this, I could run my fingers along the back and top and feel empty space. Terrifying!

So, I looked up what I needed to do and thankfully it simply involved exercise; stretching and some light calisthetics. I've been stretching that leg all over the place; on the shampoo nook in the shower, countertops at work, trees... And I've been walking, which, along with the stretching, is probably the best thing I could do. Lastly, I got some work Crocs. They're better constructed than normal Crocs and have a built up arch support. They look absolutely stupid, but they feel great.

So, that's why walking unassisted has me so skippy happy. :)

In other news, my Spock action figure now has a Kirk to pal around with. I love toys. *beam*
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( Jul. 3rd, 2009 11:16 pm)
This is terribly exciting to me, simply because the cost of gluten free things is so high, but I found Betty Crocker baking mixes at the store today! Of the gluten free variety! And judging from the cookies I baked tonight, pretty good! The cost is nearly $2 less than Pamela's Products for the same things. And I wasn't nearly as impressed by the PP cookie mix. The chocolate chips were a bit waxy and not terribly sweet. This Berry Crocker mix was more of what I'm familair with. Not to mention the cookie dough is tasty. *g*

Looking forward to baking the yellow cake mix. First we have to get through these cookies. I made a gluten free batch for me and a gluteny one for hubby. Personally, I think the gluten free look tastier.

Went to the sushi place down the street and the hostess was very helpful at getting the chef to roll out ingredients that were wheat free. We kept it simple; white fish and cucumber. It was insanely tasty, although I kept getting too much wasabi and it was burning my sinuses. But who cares, the stuff tastes fantastic, what's a little pain compared with that? ;)

Tomorrow we're going to the drag races, then hanging around afterward for the fireworks. I haven't seen any except from way far off and on the top floor in the building's stairwell for a few years, now. I'm looking forward to it! Hubby got us some t-shirts for the 4th that say "God Bless America" and in the background are red splatters. I see them and all I can think is Heroes and the blood spatter graphic all over the menus for the box sets. Is this wrong of me?
Title: Something Resembling Serenity
Author: [personal profile] blucola
Category: slash
Characters: K/S
Rating: PG-13
Description: Who do you turn to when you've lost nearly everything?
Disclaimer: I didn't create this world, but don't sue me for wanting to play in it!
Warnings: Nothing significant, just a wee bit of angst. The real warning is that I'm a slow writer, so warp factor crawl on any follow ups.

Engage )
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( Jun. 23rd, 2009 12:03 am)
After a week or so of obsessively watching the entire Heroes series, I have finally seen the last episode, including the backtracking to watch Godsend, which had a screwed up link at the site where I was watching them. I've seen Heroes with various Asian subtitles. One of the funniest things I think I saw was Hiro speaking Japanese while there was an english subtitle as well as whatever language (maybe Chinese?) And I might be addlepated, but I think there was Japanese and Chinese(?) subtitles on the same screen, at one point.

My impressions, don't read if you need to be unspoiled )
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( May. 24th, 2009 12:33 am)
I've managed to write that first part of the Trek story I've mentioned before. And as usual, what I plan is different from what the story is giving me. Isn't that always the case? I hesitate to post it for two reasons, I need my beta reader to look it over first and secondly, I hate to post something as a teaser, only to drag my heels on further segments. I need more under my belt before I go live with any of this (and it's not toothbrushes! LOL)

I washed some of the tardis bits today and researched what the show interior actually looks like. I think I'm going to be painting the inside of the console (since they didn't give me green paper to insert, like they did with the tardis core) to emulate the green glow it should have. I'm probably moving a tad slow on building this thing, but that's kinda par for the course with me. The only thing I do quickly in reality, is help customers and feed myself. Everything else goes by Lorraine speed. *g*

I thought I had more to say, but I believe I'm fading fast.
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( May. 21st, 2009 12:11 am)
I used this stuff tonight and was pretty stoked at how easy to handle it made the gluten free dough.

I get a little tired at trying to make gluten free bread wrap around a hotdog. And this isn't the first time I've tried this particular method of wrapping a hotdog. But unlike the last time, the biscuit dough stayed on while I consumed it. It's pretty simple, I make GF biscuit dough, add the gluten substitute, then roll out a ball of the dough, flatten it between my palms, wrap it aroung a hotdog, bake it until golden at 400 and there you have it, GF junk food, yay!

And the best part is the additive was free. The clerk at Whole Foods marked a box as a sample for me to try. I had no idea that they have this practice! After the fiasco with the Pamela's Products, I was shopping there considerable less than before. But with this and with just how much the gluten free aisle has expanded in recent months (I think there were many of us squeaky wheels!) I might just keep them on my shopping route more often.

Work has been interesting in that I seem to be getting noticed by management more. And not in a bad way! Don't think the notice translates into more money for me, but I suppose if my business practices result in more money for the company, then that's job security for me. Always an important thing these days! Especially in retail, when you're 46. :P

The weather has gotten warmer, so that means that all the nuts who've been hiding away have crawled into my store to make their crazy declarations. For example; "they don't want us to have books about nudist camps, they think we're perverts!" Or "I saw this book talked about on the Jon Stewart show, it's about a plane that crashed in the Andes, and they all escape, but it's not about those rugby players!" Ya know, I'm thinking if it was on the Jon Stewart show it might possibly been some kind of joke or skit! I still don't know, although I suppose I could Google it. *shrugs*
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( May. 17th, 2009 11:25 pm)
Well, I have a model and the bits and pieces for the Doctor and Martha.

take a ride in my time machine for more )
This is my first completed Star Trek work of fiction. I fear for my own sanity sometimes.

Title: Brush Up Against Me

Category: slash/crack

Characters: K/S

I am so so sorry...

Read more... )