This is terribly exciting to me, simply because the cost of gluten free things is so high, but I found Betty Crocker baking mixes at the store today! Of the gluten free variety! And judging from the cookies I baked tonight, pretty good! The cost is nearly $2 less than Pamela's Products for the same things. And I wasn't nearly as impressed by the PP cookie mix. The chocolate chips were a bit waxy and not terribly sweet. This Berry Crocker mix was more of what I'm familair with. Not to mention the cookie dough is tasty. *g*

Looking forward to baking the yellow cake mix. First we have to get through these cookies. I made a gluten free batch for me and a gluteny one for hubby. Personally, I think the gluten free look tastier.

Went to the sushi place down the street and the hostess was very helpful at getting the chef to roll out ingredients that were wheat free. We kept it simple; white fish and cucumber. It was insanely tasty, although I kept getting too much wasabi and it was burning my sinuses. But who cares, the stuff tastes fantastic, what's a little pain compared with that? ;)

Tomorrow we're going to the drag races, then hanging around afterward for the fireworks. I haven't seen any except from way far off and on the top floor in the building's stairwell for a few years, now. I'm looking forward to it! Hubby got us some t-shirts for the 4th that say "God Bless America" and in the background are red splatters. I see them and all I can think is Heroes and the blood spatter graphic all over the menus for the box sets. Is this wrong of me?
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