I have seen the Trek and it's absolutely fantastic! Classic fans, you will love it! Trust me. It's just a knock your socks off experience. You have absolutely nothing to fear. You will have fun! Seriously!

And? More, I want more. The Star Trek franchise has been revived. One last, non-spoilery thing. The old series has been respected. No one could have made the movie I saw tonight and not have been a fan who loved Trek, it's history and it's philosophies.

Damnit! I need a Trek icon!
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( Nov. 2nd, 2007 01:56 pm)
Yeah, so maybe that's not a word. Got your attention though, yeah? *g*

Anyway, was doing some of the "incredibly slow, OMG when is this house every going to be empty, it's been a friggin year!" packing today and was going through my old Star Trek fanzines. One of them was slash. I also came across two cartoons I'd drawn. One was Kirk being carried by Spock, alien monsters lurking in the background and he's saying, "wy Mr Spock, I never knew you felt this way." And Spock is wearing an aggrieved expression. The other was my Grandma (looking about 30!) telling me about the souvenir she brought back from California; Leonard Nimoy on a leash crying his wife's name in a panic. Bondage and slash. And here I thought I didn't know about either of those until I joined the Forever Knight fandom in the early nineties and wasn't an actual slasher until Moulin Rouge and Ewan McGregor. Silly me. ;)

Looking through the old materials; zines, flyers, artwork, and there's even a reproduction of the bedspread that Mr Spock had on his bed, that I'd bought from a fan, reminded me of a recent post from [ profile] emrinalexander In it she talks about how in the old days of fandom, we pretty much lived by what came to us in mail. And it was common to wait months to hear tales of fandom adventures, or get fanzine catalogs. You also didn't really know what you were getting, sometimes. Could be wonderful fiction and crappy artwork or just be crappy all around. The slash zine I found was given to me by a friend, published in 1979.

I'm thinking I want to take some pictures of these fannish things I did, for posterity, because, for one thing, they're mildewy and the other, I'm not sure I want to give up valuable space to keep them. Still, it's like coming across a time capsule of my teenage years. And it makes me smile.


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