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( Jan. 10th, 2009 09:08 pm)
I took down the tree today, but kept the lights up in the window. It's funny, hubby came home from a military show and was disappointed to see the tree had been dismantled. Usually he doesn't care when the thing goes up, doesn't care much about it at all. But there was something about the tree this year, perhaps because 2008 sucked so bad? It was just glittering and beautiful, he'd actually plug in the lights himself, when it got to be dusk, because I'd come home and they'd be on. And then he suggested we keep the window lights, just maybe move them inside for us. I like that idea. :)

I made pizza tonight, using that Pamela's Products baking mix. God, SO good. And, since I got the Chef Boyardee pizza sauce, I managed to actually satisfy that particular craving. We sometimes used to make Chef Boyardee pizza and I suppose it's a bit nostalgic, even though it's not as good as when I'd make my own sauce and crust. Oh, as a tip to anyone choosing to make the crust, use amaranth flour to dust your fingers and sprinkle it on the baking sheet, it adds to the crisp factor. Other gluten free pizza crust mixes call for wetting fingers down and spreading out the dough that way. I'm convinced that all that does is to give you a gummy crust.

I'm going to go see Mom on Monday and stay for about 5 days. I'll have to miss my friend's memorial (I kept hoping they would have it sooner *sigh*) but I'd rather spend time with Mom. I think she would understand.

I have thoughts about the Atlantis finale, but that's for another post. And I'm still a bit put out that they didn't give us a 2 hour finale, so the whole thing felt rushed.
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( Dec. 25th, 2008 12:21 am)
I've opened the traditional (for us) midnight present. A lovely piece of cut crystal from our friend Andy. I also have a pie cooling on the counter. It smells wonderful, but sadly has a crumbly crust because someone (OK, me) forgot the xanthan gum. *sigh* I may give myself permission to bake another pie in the morning, this time using the amaranth flour. I think I will have more success with it. Or perhaps make cookies. I've been dying for cookies all week, seeing all the yummies being brought into the breakroom that I can't touch.

I dreamed I was making out with John Sheppard last night. Seriously, there was running and I think I had zombies confused with wraith. They were like zombie/wraith and very very annoying. Because there we were, smooching up a storm, water crashing all around us and I could feel his arms holding me close, it was very nice and then he was dragging me up; "c'mon we gotta run, they're after us." I'm sputtering and holding back and wanting to pull him back down, because making out with John Sheppard is a heck of a lot more fun than running away from zombie/wraith who want to eat us. And then I woke up.

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday season. *hugs flist all up*
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( Sep. 25th, 2007 10:04 pm)
Walking down the street today I hear from a car on Troost; "hey baby! My friend wanted to holler at you!" *facepalm* Made me laugh, though. And I might have smiled. A little.

Work at the house is progressing slowly. Today I went through the kitchen, cleaning old dusty dishes and deciding what to bring over to the condo. Brought home a crock pot, a stew pot, my Salad Shooter and a one cup coffee maker. Ooo, coffee.

I thought Mark's birthday was today. I made navy bean soup, yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, banana bread and cornbread for the beans. Exhausted myself.

And his birthday is tomorrow. *sob*

I've been looking through some old fanzines that I contributed to about 12 years ago. One thing that stands out is the poetry. I haven't felt the urge to write any kind of poems for any of the fandoms I've been involved with since Forever Knight. I suppose it's because there's something romantic about vampires, living forever and the loneliness of eternal life. I can't imagine writing a poem about the Wraith;

sweet queen
teeth like stilettos
deadly palms
translucent skin so pasty rare
you suck-
*screeching halt*

See, really nothing romantic about the wraith.


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