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( May. 21st, 2009 12:11 am)
I used this stuff tonight and was pretty stoked at how easy to handle it made the gluten free dough.

I get a little tired at trying to make gluten free bread wrap around a hotdog. And this isn't the first time I've tried this particular method of wrapping a hotdog. But unlike the last time, the biscuit dough stayed on while I consumed it. It's pretty simple, I make GF biscuit dough, add the gluten substitute, then roll out a ball of the dough, flatten it between my palms, wrap it aroung a hotdog, bake it until golden at 400 and there you have it, GF junk food, yay!

And the best part is the additive was free. The clerk at Whole Foods marked a box as a sample for me to try. I had no idea that they have this practice! After the fiasco with the Pamela's Products, I was shopping there considerable less than before. But with this and with just how much the gluten free aisle has expanded in recent months (I think there were many of us squeaky wheels!) I might just keep them on my shopping route more often.

Work has been interesting in that I seem to be getting noticed by management more. And not in a bad way! Don't think the notice translates into more money for me, but I suppose if my business practices result in more money for the company, then that's job security for me. Always an important thing these days! Especially in retail, when you're 46. :P

The weather has gotten warmer, so that means that all the nuts who've been hiding away have crawled into my store to make their crazy declarations. For example; "they don't want us to have books about nudist camps, they think we're perverts!" Or "I saw this book talked about on the Jon Stewart show, it's about a plane that crashed in the Andes, and they all escape, but it's not about those rugby players!" Ya know, I'm thinking if it was on the Jon Stewart show it might possibly been some kind of joke or skit! I still don't know, although I suppose I could Google it. *shrugs*
Boneless loin chops, dipped in egg and then rolled in gluten free bread crumbs
Mashed potatoes
Cream gravy made from bacon grease and thickened with amaranth flour
Mixed veggies

Complete trashtastic wonderfulness! OMG, I ate it then wished I had a spare stomach so I could make it all over again and devour it to pieces. Paula Deen would have been happy, that's how trashy it was!

In other news, it's cold and might snow. I may have to stay in ALL DAY LONG.

Should I make cookies? Hmmm.

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( Jan. 19th, 2009 09:32 pm)
On the gluten free front, I give you:

Au gratin potatoes
Tossed salad with ranch dressing


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( Jan. 10th, 2009 09:08 pm)
I took down the tree today, but kept the lights up in the window. It's funny, hubby came home from a military show and was disappointed to see the tree had been dismantled. Usually he doesn't care when the thing goes up, doesn't care much about it at all. But there was something about the tree this year, perhaps because 2008 sucked so bad? It was just glittering and beautiful, he'd actually plug in the lights himself, when it got to be dusk, because I'd come home and they'd be on. And then he suggested we keep the window lights, just maybe move them inside for us. I like that idea. :)

I made pizza tonight, using that Pamela's Products baking mix. God, SO good. And, since I got the Chef Boyardee pizza sauce, I managed to actually satisfy that particular craving. We sometimes used to make Chef Boyardee pizza and I suppose it's a bit nostalgic, even though it's not as good as when I'd make my own sauce and crust. Oh, as a tip to anyone choosing to make the crust, use amaranth flour to dust your fingers and sprinkle it on the baking sheet, it adds to the crisp factor. Other gluten free pizza crust mixes call for wetting fingers down and spreading out the dough that way. I'm convinced that all that does is to give you a gummy crust.

I'm going to go see Mom on Monday and stay for about 5 days. I'll have to miss my friend's memorial (I kept hoping they would have it sooner *sigh*) but I'd rather spend time with Mom. I think she would understand.

I have thoughts about the Atlantis finale, but that's for another post. And I'm still a bit put out that they didn't give us a 2 hour finale, so the whole thing felt rushed.
I hope everyone had a lovely day. Mine was quite nice, we went to the movies (I'm sorry to say that The Day the Earth Stood Still and Spirit were rather disappointing.) And then we came back and I cooked us a ham dinner. This was the latest I've ever eaten on Christmas! Maybe I'll have another Sheppard dream. *g*

The gluten free apple pie was pretty good. I'm thinking of a few additions that could make it better for the next time (including the xanthan gum I left out :P) But in all, it was rather satisfying and hubby even liked it. Which I think is a good indicator if the non-allergy person can enjoy what is basically a compromise for the real thing. And it wasn't too much of a PITA to roll out, I just sandwiched it between sheets of Saran Wrap.

I had a nice long chat with Mom this morning, so who knows, maybe I actually spent more time talking with her on the phone than if we would have gone to my cousin and her partner's house for Christmas dinner. I think this may be the first big holiday gathering that they've hosted. I wish I could have been there. Maybe next year. I will be visting family next month, so I have that to look forward to. And in the nicest present category, my sister gave my mother round trip tickets to San Antonio to visit my aunt. She (the aunt) has suffered a few strokes and isn't quite the same person she was, so it's good that Mom will be able to spend some time with her. They used to always be the closest sisters.

Anyway, the day is nearly done and I have You Tube postings of the new Doctor Who episode to look for, so best wishes and happy holidays everyone!
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( Dec. 25th, 2008 12:21 am)
I've opened the traditional (for us) midnight present. A lovely piece of cut crystal from our friend Andy. I also have a pie cooling on the counter. It smells wonderful, but sadly has a crumbly crust because someone (OK, me) forgot the xanthan gum. *sigh* I may give myself permission to bake another pie in the morning, this time using the amaranth flour. I think I will have more success with it. Or perhaps make cookies. I've been dying for cookies all week, seeing all the yummies being brought into the breakroom that I can't touch.

I dreamed I was making out with John Sheppard last night. Seriously, there was running and I think I had zombies confused with wraith. They were like zombie/wraith and very very annoying. Because there we were, smooching up a storm, water crashing all around us and I could feel his arms holding me close, it was very nice and then he was dragging me up; "c'mon we gotta run, they're after us." I'm sputtering and holding back and wanting to pull him back down, because making out with John Sheppard is a heck of a lot more fun than running away from zombie/wraith who want to eat us. And then I woke up.

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday season. *hugs flist all up*
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( Nov. 23rd, 2008 02:40 pm)
My Mom and my sister Laura came to KC yesterday to celebrate turkey day early, since I'm scheduled to work the day before and the day after. Mark and I cleaned for days and he even painted the bathroom and touched up some chips in the paint on the kitchen cabinets. He really came through for me, I'll give him that.

They loved the place. *preen* They were less thrilled about the hospitality room. *unpreen* And I wasn't thrilled to hear that the soap dishes were barely hanging onto the walls and there were water stains on the ceiling and wall in the bathroom. Ugh, real nice. Gonna have to ask Larry about the cost of a few screws and a wee dab of Kilz. Jeez.

They pitched in and helped me cook the meal. I had a gluten free spread and you honestly couldn't have told the difference, unless I actually said. And actually, I think the cornbread tastes better made with rice flour, as opposed to wheat flour. I tried a small chunk before it was mixed up with the celery, sage, onion and granny smith apple. It was good, nice and soft and I didn't miss the sugar (you really don't want to make sage dressing with sweetened cornbread). We had less fun peeling the yams, but they came out well, flavored with orange juice and brown sugar.

In true turkey day fashion, we all lolled around afterward, fighting off naps. *g* We watched "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and I'm sorry, but Madea pissed me off in this movie. I much prefer the "Reunion" movie. Although it's always nice to see Cecily Tyson. And Shemar Moore's matching headbands always ended up giving us a giggle.

It's worrying me that Mom is carrying a cane now and has no idea why her knee hurts. Um, Mom, you have a doctor, see him! Apparently this is something that has come up within the past month. I'm going to have to pester her this week, make sure she does something about it.
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( Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:03 pm)
I've adapted a recipe so that I can still have something yummy that's breaded. It came out so well that I have to share it.

recipe inside )
Tonight's visit included gluten free chocolate chip cookies. The brand is Pamelas and they are OMG so good I want to have this cookie bag's babies. I also have a belly full of gluten free bread. Yummy stuff, I made it in the bread machine so it has a full half cup of butter in it. It smelled obscenely good whilst it was baking. The only mistake I made was wolfing down a bologna sammich when we got back from the store. Tres stupid, it has modified food starch in it and I felt the effects start as I finished it off. That's when I ran to read the container. Still learning to read first, I suppose. *sigh*

I wish I could bottle the smells in Whole Foods. Makes me want to throw myself over the counter at the hot line and just grab handfuls of everything. It's harder to control myself in there than in the regular grocery store. Probably because my visits are so infrequent I have to make the most of them.

I also can't justify the cost of buying anything there that I could get at my regular stores. Even if that stuff's fresher and usually better quality. Going gluten free isn't cheap and I can't indulge myself like I used to.

Anyway, the best thing about having this place where I can get these fantastic cookies (other than actually getting the fantastic cookies) is knowing that I don't have to feel so desperate when I walk into Brookside Market and past their bakery section. I mean, yes, I likely won't find a recipe that makes flaky croissants, but getting white bread after so much denial is priceless to me. :)


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