OK, technically I have had this watch since I was 18, but for several years it's not worked. It's an old Timex wind up that was old when I got it. I believe a friend pointed it out to me in an antique shop (they call them thrift stores now, but those days antique stores had old shoes, ect.) And I either paid $5 or $10, I know someone tried to talk me out of it, since it was so beat up, bit I didn't care, I loved it! It has a biggish watch face with several nicks from all the abuse I've given it. It's not pretty, but I don't care. I think it might actually be the first personal item I bought away from home, or the first thing of significance to me.

I look at the watch and I'm eighteen again. Shy and probably a bit snobby in my nerdishness. And yes, nerds can be snobs. If you refer to non-nerds as "mundanes" then you've earned the right to consider yourself a snob. I remember not wanting to be ordinary, yet not weird. I wanted to be left alone and yet be unique. I was going to set the world on fire with my art because I was SPECIAL, yet I wasn't sure just how that was going to be accomplished. In other words, I was a kid. LOL

Anyway, I had pried off the back of the watch and seen that the movement would actually go if I turned the pin the other way, so I thought it might be overwound. I put the back on and sighed, figuring it was a lost cause. Still, I pointed it out to hubby who, after a few moments, thought it probably needed lubricating since all mechanical things need oil to work. Jeez, not even the watch repair man I showed it to sometime back in the nineties thought of that! Sure enough, he oiled the thing, coaxed the movement by wiggling it a bit and bing! It was going again. It was keeping perfect time right from the start, but now it's starting to speed up. He thinks it's likely because it was wound tight for such a long time. Whatever the case, it's working and I'm all :DDD
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