Been awhile, I know, just haven't been chatty. What can I say? I go through these cycles, annoying as I find them. Anyway, I have been caught up jewelry making. Like, time consuming, wallet snatching jewelry making. And, I suppose it's paying off, because after showing off the results of my first experiment in wire twisting, a friend asked me to make one for her. And then, just now, I was looking around in a jewelry store, thinking of dropping the layaway I have on file, when I got into a conversation with the owner who saw and liked the necklace I'm wearing and wants to talk to me about selling some at his store! Holy crap. I'm still learning things like technique and the funny thing is, this necklace was only the second thing I made.

It's big and clunky and (in his words) sort of looks like a dreamcatcher. So, I hope I can find more of this pendant. And then I need to get more of the natural stuff, this necklace has wood, shell and glass beads. Big jewelry is the stuff right now. Some of the things my friends have been the most enthusiastic about have beads about an inch in diameter. And the woman I'm doing the wire twisted necklace for, saw and liked this ginormous copper colored sparkly bead (it's stone, I just don't know what it's called) that I had made the focal point of a wire wrap copper ring.

I'm just so excited right now, I could burst. So, I guess I bead weaving project will have to be shelved for now until I can get actual money making projects finished. Ahhhh! So much fun!
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