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After a week or so of obsessively watching the entire Heroes series, I have finally seen the last episode, including the backtracking to watch Godsend, which had a screwed up link at the site where I was watching them. I've seen Heroes with various Asian subtitles. One of the funniest things I think I saw was Hiro speaking Japanese while there was an english subtitle as well as whatever language (maybe Chinese?) And I might be addlepated, but I think there was Japanese and Chinese(?) subtitles on the same screen, at one point.

First off, I love this show. I don't quite understand why I avoided it so strongly all this time. There are, however, some really huge inconsistencies. And I absolutely get why someone who watched week after week would get frustrated with it, especially that super small second season when pointless characters were introduced, taking time away from the characters in which the first year had made us so invested. Now I understand why people kept warning me not to get too attached, because chances are if I liked someone they'd be gone soon enough!

My favorites, after all the dust has settled, are Sylar and Mr Bennett. And it might be just me, but Sylar seems to show way more remorse over the people he's murdered than Noah. Still, out of the entire cast, these two are the ones with the most depth. I got such a kick out of Sylar imprisoning everyone and telling them why he's not the only monster in the building. And god, he's so right, if it weren't for Noah, he wouldn't have killed so many people. He'd be dead by his own hand. It's the Company's meddling that enabled his killing frenzy.

I didn't like Sylar being softened up. It was way too difficult to accept. I never minded his remorse, but the way he was taking orders was a little too much to believe. I like the Sylar/Angela scenes, though, so sue me. Anyway. This is the guy who wallowed in his depravity (cake anyone?) It was like seeing an alligator turn into a kitten. I feel like the whole reason for the storyline was to get Sylar into suits. Seriously, it appeared as simple as that, to me. That said, he can have his clothes zapped off every episode, as far as I'm concerned. Even if he does look fantastic, all cleaned up.

I hated the Homeland Security story arc even worse than Sylar's whitewash. All it accomplished was to make me wish Nathan Petrelli would just go away, permanently, because he's more annoying than Ando making silly faces to amuse Toddler Touch and Go. (Some twisted part of my brain keeps calling him Baby Plug and Play.)

Stuff I love:

Noah Bennett loves Claire. And even though his methods are highly suspect and outright wrong, when all is said and done, he'd do absolutely anything for his family.

Sylar showing the supposed good people how bad they really are.

The good people getting a really big one over on Sylar. Mainly because we know damn good and well that when the season starts, Sylar will be shown to be playing along. How could Parkman's tricks be expected to work? He barely knows how to control his power. And Sylar can tell when people are lying, he also has that touch memory thing. His powers are still there; super hearing, telekinesis, lightning bolts...Just because he only thinks he can fly doesn't mean he won't accidentally use one of them. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

And why did I watch these things so fast? I still have months until the season premiere! Gah!
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