Well, I have a model and the bits and pieces for the Doctor and Martha.

I'm just a wee bit intimidated by the prospect of painting these two. I mean, for instance, what doofus decided we didn't need a decal for Martha's shirt? I have the feeling I'm going to be looking at lots of pics of them over the next month or so. But still, the TARDIS lights up and makes noise. How cool is that? They also had a Dalek Caan model, but I think I'll wait until I actually get this one done. And I need to find my watercolor pencils. Something tells me the colors in the paint pots aren't going to be adequate.

Man, I just feel all jumpstarted in fandom again! The models, I wrote a piece of crack (thank you everyone who commented, including the truly bewildered ones!) and I have a more serious story started of which I only have written 518 words. But it's a start! It's one of those bits that could easily bluster itself into something large. Which is fine, I suppose. I've lost the appeal of the PWP. I think in the case of characters as complex as K/S/Mc/U, when you're trying to go where I'm thinking I want to with these characters, short isn't going to work. Just, how do folks who write longer works keep up the momentum? Lots of note-taking?

I have an old story from VG that has always bothered me that I didn't finish. And even worse I think the parts might be scattered. During that time I had a computer die, so much of it may have died with it. One day, when I have time, I should poke about and see if it's intact anywhere. Could be here, for all I know!

It's been a nice weekend. Spent money, made a turkey dinner (reminding self here that I prefer whole turkeys roasted, not just the breast.) And I wrote and got actual feedback! I know we all say that we should write for ourselves, and I do, but when you share and people appreciate what you've done, it feels fantastic.
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:D I got it for Christmas, and my granddad built it and painted it for me. I <3 him, because I never would've managed to get it done as well as he managed to!

Also, he managed despite the English instructions and him not speaking English. I only had to help him with a couple of terms.


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