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( Nov. 25th, 2010 10:23 pm)
I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Hubby and I spent the day together, I even enlisted his aid with the preparations. *g* I don't know what happened, but my turkey took until 1:30 and I put it in at 7 in the morning. Grr! We didn't eat until 4:30 since the dressing doesn't get cooked until I get the drippings from the turkey. I think I'm going to get a thermometer for the oven so I can see if the temp is running true.

I was running pretty low energy up until the time I needed to start prep and then it was; "OK, what's next?" I think I just needed a push to get going. I didn't do my crazed chipmunk routine this year, though. We had pumpkin pies (1 regular and 1 gluten free) and no apple pie or fudge. Yeah, that's right, I usually go a little overboard. LOL

I was very pleased with my pumpkin pie. I seriously was not in the mood to mix up a gluten free crust. They're expensive and difficult to work with. I was originally thinking I might go crustless, then I had a brainstorm. I took 4 GF "graham" crackers, a handful each of hazelnut meal and brown sugar, a little butter (I think 2 TB) and smooshed it all up in a baggie, then spread it along the bottom of the pie pan, kind of like a reverse crumble pie. OMG, so freaking good! It didn't taste GF, it tasted like something that was purposely supposed to have a lovely nutty crust. Hubby suggested I try it with a cheesecake next time. Oh yeah!

Tonight I broke the trend of no evening snacks as a treat to myself for being so good. It'll be back to normal tomorrow. But I did enjoy myself today, even though I was boggled that I couldn't finish my plate of food at the meal. Seriously, I actually threw away mashed potatoes and corn. That has never happened before.

Back to work tomorrow, black Friday at B&N, oh wow! It's going to be nuts, for sure.


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