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( Jul. 30th, 2009 11:34 pm)
Seriously. I needed to catch my bus and knew the power walking wouldn't do the trick, plus I was wearing sneakers, not Crocs, so I ran. Made sure I drew in huge lungsful of air, planted my feet carefully (because I'm a plump little thing, I am) and ran about a city block. Slowed down when I saw the bus wasn't near and walked the rest of the way, feeling pumped up and amazed because my ankles were fine, the bad right foot was no longer bad and the knee didn't even twinge.

Then, later on at work I decided to take the ankle support off. I went the rest of the day completely unsupported. I can't say there wasn't a prickle here and there, but man, I walked around unassisted by any tape or ace bandage. I'm not sure I can convey how much this means, but I'll try.

Just this Christmas I was using a cane to get around. I had horrible pain in my left knee and the heel spur in my right foot was excruciating. I was overusing the knee brace I had (but I didn't know this at the time.) I thought I was headed for disability and the idea of it just killed me. I don't mind being big, but I do mind not being able to get around/take care of myself. I'm not saying I jumped into gear and did something about the situation, but it did put me into the frame of mind to start to consider altering some things.

About a month back I realised that much of my problems stemmed from the knee brace. My calf muscle was withering and I was getting charlie horses all the time. So, I looked stuff up on the internet (we loves the internet, yes we does...) and figured out some PT was in order. I'd already started taping the heel spur, so that was healing, now I had to concentrate on that left leg, because it was so bad I feared I might snap my achilles tendon. That's right, overuse of the knee brace had caused an inflamed achilles tendon, not to mention the withered calf muscles. I'll put it like this, I could run my fingers along the back and top and feel empty space. Terrifying!

So, I looked up what I needed to do and thankfully it simply involved exercise; stretching and some light calisthetics. I've been stretching that leg all over the place; on the shampoo nook in the shower, countertops at work, trees... And I've been walking, which, along with the stretching, is probably the best thing I could do. Lastly, I got some work Crocs. They're better constructed than normal Crocs and have a built up arch support. They look absolutely stupid, but they feel great.

So, that's why walking unassisted has me so skippy happy. :)

In other news, my Spock action figure now has a Kirk to pal around with. I love toys. *beam*


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