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( May. 21st, 2009 12:11 am)
I used this stuff tonight and was pretty stoked at how easy to handle it made the gluten free dough.

I get a little tired at trying to make gluten free bread wrap around a hotdog. And this isn't the first time I've tried this particular method of wrapping a hotdog. But unlike the last time, the biscuit dough stayed on while I consumed it. It's pretty simple, I make GF biscuit dough, add the gluten substitute, then roll out a ball of the dough, flatten it between my palms, wrap it aroung a hotdog, bake it until golden at 400 and there you have it, GF junk food, yay!

And the best part is the additive was free. The clerk at Whole Foods marked a box as a sample for me to try. I had no idea that they have this practice! After the fiasco with the Pamela's Products, I was shopping there considerable less than before. But with this and with just how much the gluten free aisle has expanded in recent months (I think there were many of us squeaky wheels!) I might just keep them on my shopping route more often.

Work has been interesting in that I seem to be getting noticed by management more. And not in a bad way! Don't think the notice translates into more money for me, but I suppose if my business practices result in more money for the company, then that's job security for me. Always an important thing these days! Especially in retail, when you're 46. :P

The weather has gotten warmer, so that means that all the nuts who've been hiding away have crawled into my store to make their crazy declarations. For example; "they don't want us to have books about nudist camps, they think we're perverts!" Or "I saw this book talked about on the Jon Stewart show, it's about a plane that crashed in the Andes, and they all escape, but it's not about those rugby players!" Ya know, I'm thinking if it was on the Jon Stewart show it might possibly been some kind of joke or skit! I still don't know, although I suppose I could Google it. *shrugs*


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